Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

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A quick way to check your child's temperature, a non contact thermometer is a great tool. Shows different colors whether the temperature is in the normal, slight fever or high fever range. Don't stop there though, this thermometer has several more everyday applications. Check the temperature of your food, bath water. Once you start "pointing and shooting" at your baby's meal, you won't be able to stop! Its so convenient and You'll be likely using it daily! 

  • Multiple Function: body temperature, surface, room, bath water, food, baby milk etc. 
  • Three colors backlight green, yellow and red 
  • 0.5 seconds measuring time, accuracy ±0.2 degrees C
  • Non contact: 5 - 15cm measuring distance
  • Easy to use: Operate with one button
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit