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*Each product in the Bundle is described below* 

This one-of-a-kind bundle has been created specifically for busy Canadian Mamas, new and expectant. It combines the ever popular diaper backpack, in our Kombii model, loaded with baby essentials to prepare you for the adventure(s) ahead with your Little One. 

 The Bundle awaits to make your life easier. Save precious time in acquiring all these items in one package and save time later when you have a loaded Diaper backpack and you're prepared for moments on the go with your Bundle (of joy).


Kombii Diaper Backpack

Turn on your hands-free Mama mode with the sleek and stylish Kombii Backpack. Its sleek and functional in design has a spacious main compartment and a multitude of pockets for optimal organization and storage of everything you need for your Adventure Babe. The outer shell is made of water resistant material for durability in all conditions. It also includes insulated bottle holders and a USB charging port as some other key features. Care of this bag is simple, just wash with a warm soapy cloth and allow to air dry..

diaper backpack-15.7 L capacity-Size: 37 x 25 x 17 cm
-Waterproof outer shell
-Main compartment has several pockets for optimal organization
-Wide-mouth opening, for easy access
- 2 privacy pockets for wallet and phone
- Large outer water bottle pockets
- Thermal bottle holders in separate front pocket
- Zippered waterproof inner pocket
- USB charging port and adjoining interior pocket for power bank
- Interior key holder clip
                                                             - Complimentary stroller straps included

FREE GIFT INCLUDED: The Snacker: Azure & Lime Fruit Snacker

Our best selling item that we are including for free. As soon as Baby can hold onto the handle, give them a try at this fruit snacker. This perforated silicone "soother" allows Baby to suck out the juices of whatever food you choose to shove in there! Excellent in introducing fresh fruit to your little one, before they have the teeth to fully chew. Recommended for infants 3 months up.  It’s not a diaper bag necessity per se, but an all-around favorite, according to mommies and babies!

The Guardian: 3-in-1 Car Seat/Nursing Cover

car seat coverThis 3 in 1 car seat and nursing cover makes travelling with your newborn comfortable - for both of you! The stretchy fabric of the cover fits standard car seats to enclose your Babe in its own cozy habitat, protected from excessive stimulation and sudden temperature changes . Come feeding time, simply remove the cover to breast feed in privacy, even in the most busy of places. Can also be used as a shopping cart cover as barrier from germs as its third use. One size fits most standard car seats.

The Facilitator: Kaleidoscope Change Mat

A necessary staple with any diaper bag and this one is extra large and waterproof! It is versatile to fold or unfold into various sizes but light and compact to take up little space. It can also double as an activity mat that creates a germ barrier on the grass or any carpets away from home. The colorful dot pattern is also great stimulation for your little one!

Size: 70 x 70 cm

    The Mess Transporter: Kaleidoscope Wet/Dry Bag

    wet/ dry bagThis large waterproof wet bag is ideal to contain the mess of soiled or wet clothes or used cloth diapers when on the go. Regardless of what you put inside, be confident that the wetness is contained and do not hesitate to throw the whole bag in with your other belongings. Or use the snap button loop to clip it to the stroller.

    Size: 30 x 40 cm
    Material: Waterproof TPU

      The Leak Preventer: Kaleidoscope Diaper Cover

      diaper coverSimply place this cover over top of your regular diaper - and voila, waterproof! This diaper is a one size fits most, up to 2 years. Adjustable via several snap buttons  to give your child's bum the custom fit.  It can also be used as a cover for diapers (disposable or reusable cloth diapers) to prevent leaks and contain messes - especially on longer car rides.

      The Swaddler: Chevron Swaddle Blanket

      The Swaddle Blanket; a timeless classic necessity for your babe. This large, breathable 100% cotton blanket is a definite must have to have to carry in your bag "just in case." 

      Size: 110 x 110 cm

        The Load Holder: Azure Stroller Hook

        stroller hookA cool and simple stroller accessory, the moms on our panel, swear by it. Hang your shopping bags off the stroller and then use it as a handle to easily carry them into or out of the car in one motion. It is padded on the outside, and has a secure and user friendly clasp.

        The Lifeline: Lime Polka Stroller Strap

        stroller strapAdjustable and colourful, this strap is Babe's lifeline; it secures your Little One's most prized possession to the car seat or stroller. You don't want the beloved paci or favorite security stuffie eating your dust.

        The Drool Catcher: Salmon Geo Bandana Bib

        An outfit's stylish safeguard against drool, spit up or food splatters when eating.  Features double layer for added softness and protection against the wind. Also features adjustable snap buttons for the perfect fit. 

        Material: 100% cotton

          The Outfit Protector: Salmon Geo Burp Cloth

          burp cloth and bibSewn with a double layer; one side is salmon geo cotton, the other side, terry cloth material backed with a water resistant lining for added absorbency: Your outfits's protection against drool and spit up.

          Size: 23 x 46 cm

          Assembled and shipped from Canada!



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