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We created Adventure Baby Gear as a team who quickly learned one thing; every time you leave the house with a little one, it's an adventure! We set out to bring together the best in accessories and gear to help the parent on the go; from visiting the in-laws, to road-tripping across the country to international sight-seeing trips!

Loving to travel ourselves, we have selected the latest and best products that have helped us on our own adventures;. Through our blog, we will share our travel stories and advise drawn from the trips where we have camped, visited family, taken roadtrips, flown with our infant and had an amazing time. We have had numerous experiences from which we have drawn valuable conclusions - sometimes learning the hard way - that we wish to pass on as tips. We want you to share our belief that having a child doesn't mean you have to stop exploring!

Adventure Baby Gear prides itself on offering excellent customer service. The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us so if you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please get in touch! We are confident that you will find some high quality, yet budget friendly items that will become essentials on your endevours, wherever they may take you!
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