Ultimate Trip To Do With Your Baby

In the Fall, we happened upon a stellar flight deal to Denver, Colorado (thank you Thom from simplifly.io), so we immediately reserved a rental car and started planning a long weekend in the Rockies. The flight, from Detroit, was a short one and was going to be a nice trial run for when we flew to Europe for Christmas [more on flying with Baby to come]. This was a typical type of trip the two of us would normally take, so it was exciting to embark on an international adventure for the first time as a family of three. And it went so smoothly, was so beautiful and no less enjoyable than if my husband and I were traveling alone. Thus,...

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Why Adventure Baby Gear?

Nine months ago our lives drastically changed; that’s when we welcomed our first bundle of joy into our family. When our son was born, we didn’t want such an important part of how we spend our quality time to change. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to pass onto our kids our love for adventure. That, and we wanted to put to shame those that advised us to delay having kids until we had “lived our lives.” Even with the news of a baby on the way we still adventured - living our lives, to the fullest if you may, by taking 2 months to backpack through Thailand while 5 and 6 months pregnant. It’s a fact that having...

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Hey there! We're Adventure Baby Gear, specializing in travel baby products! We will be launching soon so stay tuned for more info. Looking forward to seeing you around!https://www.adventurebabygear.com

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