Warm and Fuzzies with FullSoul Canada; Q&A

A swaddle baby blanket represents the theme of caring for our babies and wrapping them with our love and support, whether they are in our home, or hundreds of kilometers away in Uganda. To purchase a 1-for-1 Baby Blanket and support FullSoul and newborns in Uganda click here!  The story of our partnership with FullSoul along with our Q & A interview has been featured on their blog. See the post below and support FullSoul with the purchase of a Baby Blanket and as you swaddle your babe in the soft, 100% cotton blanket you ensure a newborn in Uganda is delivered safely and gifted with their own baby blanket! - - - - - -  The Baby Blanket. An...

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What to Pack in your Diaper Bag

I have gotten asked several times what I find indispensable in my diaper bag. What I pack -and keep packed, so its always ready to go - comes from me learning the hard way. When Baby Fel was born, I was definitely eager and over prepared, with enough clothing and diapers to last me a week. In turn, I have had situations where I have been stuck without a toy to distract or snack to calm the restless munchkin.  So here is the list of things that I choose to always carry in my well stocked Adventure Diaper Backpack: Main Compartment: 6 diapers per day Wipes in a small travel case Change pad  Travel baby powder (only corn starch) Vaseline or diaper...

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ABG Features Baby Fashion Collections!

  As we mentioned, we were updating and refreshing our store! We are now live and have 3 collections of Adventure Baby Fashion! Preparing products for launch is more work than you;d expect and this couldn't have been possible without the expertise and creativity of Figure of Speech Content Studio! A huge thank you for all of their hard work!    So much of what we pack when travelling with our little one, is clothing; changes of clothes, clothes for layering, and a few staple outfits to accommodate various weather conditions. Why couldn't we then, as Adventure Baby Gear offer these staple items for parents to choose from.  We have organized our items into 3 different categories. They are listed...

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Refreshing Our Adventure Baby Gear and Store

We have been adjusting to both being back to work and in the meantime brainstorming how to serve our fellow adventure parents better. We are working on updating and refreshing the baby gear and the online store and reorganizing old and new products into new adventure themed categories. In our first few months as ABG, we have learned a lot about customer service and to improve the satisfaction of Our People, we are weeding out items from suppliers that have not provided reliable tracking or timely delivery. We want to improve user friendliness and navigation through the site as well as have a more constant theme seen throughout ABG. We truly are adventure lovers and would like more of this spirit to...

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