Winter Stroller Adventures: Tips and Must Haves For You and Baby

Winter Stroller Adventures: Tips and Must Haves For You and Baby

Winter Stroller Adventures: Tips and Must Haves For You and Baby

Winter Outings Tips - Adventuer Baby Gear

Our adventures this winter entailed lots of strolls around the neighbourhood, car rides to our local library for toddler sing songs and short toddle-walks to the park. With each departure beyond our front doors, I became better (and quicker) at not only physically dressing this little guy but also knowing HOW and WHAT to dress him in. With this experience, I have featured a list of my top winter items that our stroller now never goes without! 

"What a Winter-Equipped Stroller Looks Like"

Check it out below! 

My greatest worry during the winter months is keeping Baby Fel healthy. A stuffy nose, from even a slight cold equals broken up sleep, altered appetite and all around grumpy family members. So avoiding others that are sick and staying warm whenever we leave the house is of utmost importance. 

Winter Outing Tips - Adventure Baby Gear

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In a recent survey, Adventure Baby Gear asked moms what they find most frustrating and difficult about leaving the house with their baby, and hands down, the most popular answer was the issue of temperature control! We have to bundle our little ones  before stepping outside, uncover in the vehicle so they don't get sweaty, then re-cover/ zip/ bundle once more before reaching your destination where finally you have to unbundle your baby from all the winter layers one last time...until its time to head back home, that is.

How to Dress Baby in the Winter 

There's no new solution that can be offered to solve this winter burden of all moms out there but here are some tips offered by the community at mom365

  •  Dress Baby in layers you’re wearing, plus one more! Dressing babies for a chilly winter day can be tricky—after all, they can't tell you if they're comfortable, and we moms have a tendency to overdo it, rather than skimp, on the warm clothes. Here are some tips on how to dress that tiny baby of yours in the "just right" spot between too hot and too cold. A good guiding principle is to dress your baby as you're dressed, then add a layer. For example, if you're wearing a shirt, light sweater, and jeans, put your little one in a long-sleeved bodysuit, a shirt, a hoodie or sweater, and pants. If you're opting for a heavy winter coat as well,  tuck your baby into a snowsuit or bunting, or layer on a couple of blankets. A couple of layers are a good bet for a baby who's spending the day inside. Start with a bodysuit or onesie and add a top layer such as a fleece one-piece with feet. If you're opting for pants and a top, a buttoned onesie will ensure there are no drafts on Baby's back and socks under booties will keep those tiny toes toasty.

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  • Touch Baby's Toes! One way to determine if your baby is warm enough is to feel her toes and belly as soon as you come in from the cold. You want her toes to be on the cool side, but not cold, and her belly should feel warm. A cool belly means your baby is not able to warm herself and needs another layer, please!

Baby toes Adventure Baby Gear
    • Be safe with the Car Seat! Puffy coats and snowsuits can make car seats straps too loose, a major safety hazard, so skip those if you're going by car. Blankets under the straps are a safety hazard  as well. Snuggle blankets around your baby after he's buckled into his car seat, not before. If you live in a very cold climate, consider a Reversible Support Cushion as an added layer of warmth while you’re commuting.
    • Zip into a Stroller Bag. Cozy stroller bags are a snuggly way to keep your baby warm while you're out for a walk. Lined with fleece, these sleeping bag-style buntings have openings on the bottom that allow the straps to be threaded through and buckled. The top layer can be zipped off to control the temperature and allows for easy loading and unloading.
    • Hats and Mittens and Hoods, Oh My! Your little one's head and hands need to be protected from the cold. A cozy hat that covers the ears and has a chin strap is a smart choice. Tug mittens over your baby's hands if they're exposed. Some infant bodysuits have tiny hand-covers at the cuffs, which will do the trick as well.Staying warm in the winter
    • Stroller covers shield from wind, rain and snow. A car seat cover or all weather stroller cover help keep baby safe from the wet and windy winter elements. Covers help hold in heat as well, something to keep in mind when you're bundling up baby to head outside; you want your little one to be warm, but not sweltering. Remove covers as soon as you're indoors or snapped into the car.
    • Unbundle Inside. Bundle up your baby in layers when you're headed out, but be sure to peel a few of them off once you've made it to your toasty-warm destination. Your baby has as much trouble cooling off his body as he does heating it up.


    Its a little easier when Baby is small enough to be confined to a travel system car seat, the unbundling is a little less tedious with a sleeping/ bunting bag or blankets and you can just unhook the car seat and carry your bundled Little One indoors while safely protected in a covered car seat. If you cannot remove your car seat or your toddler is already in a forward facing seat, then the actual process of taking him in and out of the vehicle with all the layers can be quite annoying. 

    All Weather Stroller Cover

    When taking Baby out for a stroll, the same principles apply. You want to keep their inner environment as warm as possible without them overheating, which means unbundling any time you enter a building.

    Our stroller is always equipped with a stroller sleeping bag and the all weather cover to create a warm environment and keep out the wind. 

    What a Winter-Equipped Stroller Looks Like:

    Here is the list of items that our Toddler-Mobile is equipped with for strolling and exploring in winter weather.

    1. All Weather Cover -A proven stroller necessity, this weather cover is perfect for separating the  environment from your baby. Protects your little one in a breathable bubble no matter how windy or rainy it is outside.
    2. Stroller Sleeping Bag - Wind proof and water resistant outer shell that keeps
    3. Stroller Foot Cover - The sleeping sac we have is fleece without a water resistant shell so this cover stays attached to the stroller all year round. It protects those precious feet from the chill by creating a barrier from the cold and wind!  
    4. Multifunctional Thermal Stroller Bag- It easily clips on (and matches the stroller) and keeps my hands free while insulating the snacks and drinks that are packed away.
    5. Stainless Steel Thermos -  For my own warming needs, I never leave the house without some fresh green tea to sip on, but having hot water to warm Baby's bottle may also be applicable.
    6. Accessory Strap: For the sake of the safety of Fel's favourite stuffy.
    7. Entertainment - a few books and small toys in case you're caught waiting in line, or your errands take longer than expected.
    8. Stroller Hand Warmer - Like the thermos, for my own warmth, comfort and convenience

    ABG Winter Stroller All Weather cover Winter stroller all weather cover













    Have I missed anything? What else do you Adventuring Mom's do keep yourselves and Baby warm and cosy without going insane indoors? 

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