The 10 Mommy Lifesavers You Woudn't Have Expected

The 10 Mommy Lifesavers You Woudn't Have Expected

The 10 Mommy Lifesavers You Woudn't Have Expected

The 10 Mommy Lifesavers You Need in Your Life 

mommy lifesavers you need but weren't expecting

The life of a mom is a chaotic equation. I’m generalizing here, but I know Baby-Mommas stand unanimously united in this truth. The daily life of a Momma with small children is full of multi tasking, hustling around, dealing with messes and arranging your time to get at least one task accomplished. Add errands or appointments outside of the house into the mix and it could be mayhem!

I myself have 2 babies, a two and a half year old talking one, and a fresh, smiley 6 month old. Even before the birth of our second, leaving the house with our baby boy was a huge ordeal. There were so many things to think of; things to remember to bring along, tasks to do in preparation for leaving and the effort of actually packing baby into car seat or stroller before even being able to leave out the door...

Diaper backpack bundle

I have learned the hard way that a successful outing with the babies, unfortunately takes some thinking, pre-planning and anticipation. I say unfortunately because this is the opposite of what my spontaneous, on a whim lifestyle was before kids. By being poorly prepared, or having a bag full of the wrong things, I was left to improvise my way out of messy and flustering situations - that could have been avoided had I been more prepared.

Isn’t it always the way it works that the biggest baby poop explosions happen when you’re in the car? An outfit desperately needs changing when you've already used your last onesie? Your Baby drops their pacifier and it rolls down the parking lot? Baby is coming up on a feed and you are in the most public of places with no where to sit? The building you walk into is blasting frigid Arctic air and your Little One is hot and sweaty from being in the car seat? The car window shades are not blocking the angle of the sun and its shining in all its brightness into your Baby's little eyes? You're out shopping and have ended up with too many things to carry? 


Ultimate Baby Backpack Bundle
These life lessons have convinced me to never leave the house without my well stocked diaper backpack. Even if I’m leaving the house with the babies for the quickest errand, taking my bag along doesn’t cost me much effort but I know that I have everything with me IN CASE I need it.  

The following list of essentials, are things I always carry in my diaper bag. They are not the most typical baby items, but being equipped with them has made a world of a difference! This list has been compiled with the help, experiences and feedback of a panel of knowledgeable Baby Mommas who agree that having these “positions” filled in their lives, especially when away from home, makes for successful and efficient outings with their Babies.


The Must-Have Mommy Lifesavers You Need in Your Life


    Baby Diaper Backpack Hands free ABGThe ability to become a hands-free mama when out with your Babe, lies in a reliable Diaper Backpack. It holds all that is essential but is one less item to account for - it literally has your back! Make sure it is spacious with at least 13 litres of storage capacity and a deep main compartment. The more pockets the better, to allow for optimal organization and storage.


    car seat nursing cover ABG 10 in 1 bundleA versatile piece like the car seat cover has multiple uses, but the main and most important one is the protection of your Bundle of Joy. It shades delicate eyes from glaring sun or bright lights, and blocks any drafts or winds from disturbing the Little One’s sleep. The Guardian can also serve mama as a feeding cover, if she desires some privacy when nursing in public.


    diaper change mat ABGDiaper changes are an inevitable part of a baby-momma’s day, so a change pad facilitates just that. It is a layer to protect Babe from being laid down on non-homey surfaces. A mat that is large enough can also double as an activity mat for tummy time or sensory play.



    The life lineA stroller strap that secures your Little One's most prized possession to the car seat or stroller is very much a lifeline. You don't want the beloved paci or favorite security stuffie eating your dust.


    LEAK PREVENTER - DIAPER COVER 10 in 1 bundle ABGSimply place a waterproof diaper cover over top of your Baby’s regular diaper - and voila, waterproof! I’ve been saved many a time from an explosive poop in the car seat that was contained within the borders of my outer diaper cover. Another potential outfit change avoided!


    Swaddle blanket in Diaper Backpack ABGA swaddle blanket is a timeless classic. A breathable cotton blanket doesn’t take up much space but is a definite must have to have to carry in your bag just in case the weather turns.



    Stroller hook in Diaper Backpack Bundle ABGThis cool and simple stroller accessory is a game changer. Its my personal favorite. With a multi purpose stroller hook, you hang your shopping bags off the stroller and then easily carry them into or out of the car in one motion. 



    mess transporter - wet bag ABG 10 in 1 bundleA wet/dry bag contains the mess of soiled or wet clothes or used cloth diapers when on the go, but remains dry on the outside. Regardless of what you put inside you can be confident that the wetness is contained and that you can throw the whole bag in with the rest of your diaper bag.


    Burp cloth in Diaper Backpack BundleA burp cloth with a fun design that you toss over your shoulder when holding your munchkin is your outfits's protection against baby drool and spit up. Whats a more obvious life saver?



    Bandana bib - Drool catcher ABG 10 in 1 bundleA handy safeguard for your Baby’s outfit is a bandana bib. It protects against drool, spit up or food splatters when eating, saving you from a whole baby-outfit change.


    By carrying these items in my diaper backpack I have not been disappointed, and can proudly say that I minimize the number of situations requiring my flustered improvisation! The Mommas that we surveyed were in agreement that all of these items are practical and surprisingly difficult to acquire. Among all the baby accessories, no mom had all of these items together.  And because the products have been lifesavers on so many levels, we've created the Ultimate Backpack Bundle, currently only exclusive to Canada. The Bundle features all of this unexpected baby gear rolled into our ever popular Kombii Backpack. And as a bonus, receive our best selling Fruit Snacker with the Bundle as a free gift from ABG! 

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    FRUIT SNACKER 10 IN 1 BUNDLE ABG -fruit pacifier

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