10 Essentials for a Roadtrip with an Infant

10 Essentials for a Roadtrip with an Infant

10 Essentials for a Roadtrip with an Infant

Adventure Baby Gear Top 10 Roadtrip Must Haves

We are convinced that a road trip is the best trip to take with a baby, here is our list of essentials that made our lives easier while on the road.
Please note, that this list is in addition to a well-stocked diaper bag, which is the most important item to carry - after your bundle of joy of course! Some of these items can be found on our online store, simply follow the links and check them out. 
Here is our top list of baby-roadtrip essentials: 


1. Car Seat and Stroller and Stroller Rain Cover:
The car seat is an obvious necessity when travelling by car, so in this list, we grouped it with the stroller and cover. You can stroll or zip around with Baby safely inside the stroller, protected from not only the wet, but the cold and wind. 
2. Baby Carrier and Cover:
Our little guy loves to be carried, and popping him in the carrier means we didn’t have to unstrap the car seat nor worry about stroller accessibility.
This is entertainment for your little one but more importantly, a view of what Baby is up to. We also clipped an additional toy to hang off the mirror.
I regretted not having one and had to resort to flimsy receiving blankets that kept falling off as the sun glared in through the back window into my Baby’s eyes. The window shade we brought with us was effective when the sun was shining on Baby’s side.
5. Bottle of Fluid:
Any type of fluid for baby to drink is necessary in case of changing altitudes     (to prevent ear popping). Also, even if you breastfeed, it’s not a bad idea to have some pumped milk or formula on hand in case feeding time comes and you are not able to stop the car.  
For ease of baby feeding, if you have already introduced solids.
Use the bowl for the food you bring or whip up at the hotel, but the spoon is more vital here because you’ll need it whether you choose to buy baby food or make your own. Food pouches especially make feeding a mess-free ordeal because you can just squeeze the puree directly onto your spoon. Check out our reusable baby food pouches. (more to come on the beauty of these pouches when Baby F was older on our next trip!)
For storing soggy bibs and soiled clothes. A big #2 while in the car seat means poop all the way up Baby’s back and a necessary complete change of outfit (I speak from experience here...)
An easy and hygienic wash up in the sink at your place of lodging for the night. The bath cushion lays flat so it was easy to pack away.
The pop up baby bed does not take much space and we bring it in case the hotel cannot provide us with a crib.
For photos where no one has to be left out!
Adventure Baby Gear Top 10 Roadtrip Must Haves

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Roadtrip Essentials -carseat mirror Adventure Baby Gear
See them? Those are the blankets from my son-shading efforts 

adventure baby gear top roadtrip essentials
Royal Gorge near Canon City. Here we had a picnic lunch.
adventure baby gear top roadtrip essentials
Bear Lake Trail in Estes Park. Boardwalk wraps around the calm water.
Note* Baby sunglasses are still a bit big for a little 5 month old face.

    Adventure Baby Gear Top 10 Roadtrip Must HavesAdventure Baby Gear Top 10 Roadtrip Must Haves










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