Refreshing Our Adventure Baby Gear and Store

Refreshing Our Adventure Baby Gear and Store

Refreshing Our Adventure Baby Gear and Store

Refreshing Updates to ABG Online Store

We have been adjusting to both being back to work and in the meantime brainstorming how to serve our fellow adventure parents better. We are working on updating and refreshing the baby gear and the online store and reorganizing old and new products into new adventure themed categories. In our first few months as ABG, we have learned a lot about customer service and to improve the satisfaction of Our People, we are weeding out items from suppliers that have not provided reliable tracking or timely delivery.

We want to improve user friendliness and navigation through the site as well as have a more constant theme seen throughout ABG. We truly are adventure lovers and would like more of this spirit to be reflected throughout the store! In this time that we have been so busy and had put ABG on hold, we were still been able to pop out for a couple of vacations and trips, which truly shows that it is our common priority and we want to inspire others, especially families with young children to do the same!

Moving forward, our other big focus, will be on our partnership with FullSoul and their mission in Uganda: providing safe deliveries of newborns and bettering maternal healthcare. Baby blankets will be available for purchase on our online store, so customers swaddling their babies in our blankets, will be providing a newborn in Uganda a swaddle blanket of their own - but more importantly, through the support of FullSoul, a safe delivery into our world!nRead more about our partnership project here.




Our mission and values remain the same and we are excited to reactivate the store very soon!

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Pictured below is FullSoul co-founder Christina in Uganda.

FullSoul Blankets for Babies in Uganda

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