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Help Us Improve Adventure Baby Gear

Adventure Baby Gear has started off with a pleasing bang but we would like to find out how to serve you better by taking this online store to the next level.
What do parents actually NEED when they travel? What is most frustrating when you're away from home with your baby? What do you WISH you could have that would make your life easier? 
We're reaching out to get some Adventure baby input - or rather, input from you, the true adventurer and baby care taker! We ask that you take 5 minutes to fill out this survey to shed some light on what kind of things parents value when they travel with small kids! 
Click to take the survey:
As a thank you for your time and input, the end of the survey provides a coupon code that can be used towards any purchase on our online store and, in addition, each surveyor will be entered into a draw to win the product of their choice.
Above all though, the info will help me to hone in on what helps parents with babies the most when they venture beyond their house! We will be sure to summarize results and share them with you❤


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