Moms On the Go & What They Are Saying!

Moms On the Go & What They Are Saying!

Moms On the Go & What They Are Saying!

moms on the go

Moms on the Go: Insight on Frustrations and Preferences

Our recent survey results are summarized below! We thank all ladies that took the time to give their input and share their baby experiences with us. We have taken all points into account as we shape and grow Adventure Baby Gear to be  helpful to every Baby caretaker out there! Those that took part and don't have kids yet, also gave valuable insight. Every opinion mattered!

Before we dive into the results, here are some travel related pointers from a couple of our surveryors:

"Don’t overpack nonessential items because you can often just buy them cheap at your destination, depending on the destination of course."

  "Stay close to the hotel like an all inclusive. That way you can quickly reach the hotel when baby needs to nap or anything. Don’t travel with other people that don’t have babies because they don’t understand how difficult it is to travel with an infant."

Improving the Baby Travel Experience Survey

Top answers as to what parents found to be the most frustrating when travelling with toddlers and infants:

(listed in order of popularity)

  • All the baby gear you need to take (car seat, diaper bag, purse, baby itself), packing it all
  • Too many non-portable and heavy items to carry
  • Disorganized diaper bag
  • Forgetting feeding essentials: spoons, snacks
  • Carrying around heavy baby items ie: car seat, stroller, playpen
  • Sippy cups that spill
  • Having to heat up a bottle on the spot
  • Baby’s impatience, boredom in car seat
  • Transitions through temperature changes, moving him when he is asleep
  • Keeping everything hygienic (toys, hands, snacks)
  • Baby crying in car seat and not being able to take them out (legally) to comfort them
  • Back hurting from holding baby and breastfeeding while walking

 The items our responders said that they ALWAYS make sure to have when they leave the house with baby:

When travelling by car, these are the essentials:

car ride survery results

Here are the items listed in order of survey results. The links below lead you to  products that we offer through our store!

Check out our CarRide Collection to see more great car related baby gear!

When out with the stroller these make our lives easier: 

 stroller survery results

Items listed in order of survey results. The links below lead you to products that we offer through our store!

See our Stroller Collection for more great strolling related items! 

While eating out with our Babies, these are the things we need:

eating out survery results

Check out our Eating Out Collection for other related products!

When flying with Baby these are the things that moms find most stressful:

  • getting baby to sleep
  • keeping track of all the belongings
  • delays and sleeping at the airport with baby (no where to lay down)
  • getting naps in and keeping a bedtime

When flying with Baby these things were most useful:

  • Variety of toys and activities
  • Blanket
  • Baby carrier
  • Store bought food pouches 
  • Noise cancelling earplugs 
  • Soother

Clothing items that travelling parents found most useful:

  • footed onesies 91%
  • zip up sweaters 63%
  • onesie under shirts 41%

Our Conclusions 

What we were able to conclude was that the greatest problem for travelling parents is the amount of things that their babies require and lack of portability of those items (examples were car seat, stroller, play pen, exersaucer). Next was the issue of forgetting vital items when leaving the house and having a disorganized diaper bag.

The items that we have listed on our store were confirmed as useful by our survey takers, items that they need for specific situations. The most surveyors that were interviewed shared that they value low cost as a priority when shopping for their babies because of the notion that children grow out of specific needs and items so quickly. Our shipping model can take up to 10 business days to deliver items to our customers; 100% of responders said that this doesn’t bother them as long as shipping is free and they know about the expected wait period ahead of time.

 Making Every Day an Adventure...

So what is ABG going to do with all this insight? We are shifting our focus from travelling to every day outings with a baby and how to make leaving the house a success. The products we provide are accessories and functional gadgets that are practical and handy for parents, but not exclusively for travelling.  As for disorganization and forgetting, we have a solution... or at least a means of alleviating this problem. Stay tuned for its release!

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