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Our Chance to Make a Difference

Adventure Baby Gear provides parents with an array of practical and functional tools - and the inspiration - to explore the world with their babies through an online store and travel blog. We lead by example and live out this lifestyle by continuously exploring the world and taking our baby along with us. Now, we have come across an opportunity for our work to affect much greater matters.

ABG is joining with FullSoul Canada, a non-profit organization that equips hospitals in Uganda with necessary reusable medical supplies for childbirth. Through this partnership, we will support FullSoul's work in safely bringing Ugandan Adventure Babies into the world. By purchasing the FullSoul Baby Blanket, you will be gifting a newborn in Uganda with their own baby blanket and proceeds will go directly to FullSoul, to support them in their mission.  

Baby Blankets for Uganda

About FullSoul

FullSoul is made up of a team of soulful individuals working to affect something big: reduce maternal deaths and better maternal and child health in Uganda.  Lack of basic medical supplies in Uganda, and many other parts of the developing world, contributes to a large number of women dying from pregnancy or childbirth complications. The hospitals and clinics cannot provide the necessary supplies for their patients, and it often falls to the mother and her family to provide medical items to be used during her birthing process: gloves for the use of personnel, a sterile blade, a clean plastic sheet. A lack of these supplies means they are often re-used between mothers, potentially spreading disease and infection.Those who come without these items are forced to pay for them or are turned away to fend for themselves at a time when they need help the most. 

Adventure Baby Gear supports FullSoul

That is where FullSoul steps in; they provide medical kits for hospitals and birthing clinics that are re-usable and can be sterilized after each use (as opposed to disposable), therefore making it an investment for the long run. FullSoul's work could not continue without backing and support so we are pleased to support them in the mission they put their whole heart and soul into: to protect the health and safety of mothers, their babies, and involved medical personnel during childbirth. 

Like FullSoul on Facebook and support their work with the purchase of a Baby Blanket. You will be gifting a Ugandan Baby with their own blankie! Thank you!

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