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introducing baby fashion collections adventure baby gear 
As we mentioned, we were updating and refreshing our store! We are now live and have 3 collections of Adventure Baby Fashion! Preparing products for launch is more work than you;d expect and this couldn't have been possible without the expertise and creativity of Figure of Speech Content Studio! A huge thank you for all of their hard work! 
So much of what we pack when travelling with our little one, is clothing; changes of clothes, clothes for layering, and a few staple outfits to accommodate various weather conditions. Why couldn't we then, as Adventure Baby Gear offer these staple items for parents to choose from. 
We have organized our items into 3 different categories. They are listed and shown below.What do you guys think?
This collection is meant to keep your Adventure Baby comfy and cozy where ever you happen to be taking them. From adorable AdventuRompers, to cute jumpsuits and onesies ideal for layering, you'll find these pieces to be must-takes next time you're packing to be away from home!
We have various AdventuRompers for baby boys and girls. Click on the pictures elow to be directed to that product! Pictured here is the Bohemian AdventuRomper and the Sleeveless AdventuRomper:
Bohemian Adventuromper  sleeveless adventuromper
We have a selection of matching cotton jumpsuit sets:
cotton jumpsuit cotton jumpsuit
Numerous 3 PC sets that come with matching sleeping caps
unicorn 3 pc set mountains 3 pc set
and warmer fleece lined wear for the coming cold weather
fleece lined blue onesie plaid fleece onesie 
a few toques and hats to choose from as well as cotton infinity scarves that come as a set of 3! 
pompom toque infinity scarves
A versatile collection of outfits that are only black and white; easy to integrate into Baby's existing closet repertoire.
 monochrome faded 3 pc set baby raccoon set
no sleep lace onesie
A special collection dedicated to your newly arrived bundle of joy. Irresistibly comfy and cute enough to melt even a snowman's heart.
 hello world  little brother 3 pc set
 hello world 3 pc set 
Explore each of our collections to see more! We will be adding new products regularly so check back again! Also, stay tuned for the upcoming blog post about our recent roadtrip with a 16 month old!
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