The 10 Mommy Lifesavers You Woudn't Have Expected

They are not the most typical baby items, but being equipped with them has made a world of a difference! This list has been compiled with the help, experiences and feedback of a panel of knowledgeable Baby Mommas who agree that having these “positions” filled in their lives successful Baby adventures! .

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Dear Busy Mommy, meet the Ultimate Diaper Backpack

This unique bundle has been created specifically for busy Canadian Mamas like you, new and expectant. This has never been done before; ten complimenting items bundled together in this one stylish Kombii Diaper Backpack to prepare you for the adventure(s) ahead with your Little One.

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Week by Week Guide to Twin Pregnancy

d. Expectant parents can check the weekly development of their twins, proper diet and nutrition, proper prenatal care, and receive some affirmation that whatever they are going through at the moment is completely normal. 

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Moms On the Go & What They Are Saying!

 Insight on Frustrations and Preferences of Active Moms  We are honing in on every day outings with a baby and how to make leaving the house with a Little One a success. The products we provide are accessories and functional gadgets that are practical and handy for parents, but not exclusively for travelling.  As for disorganization and forgetting, we have a solution... or at least a means of alleviating this problem. Stay tuned...!

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